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Our upgrade
All investors are informed to deposit 30% of initial deposits to reactivate account to be able to access withdrawal we apologize for any inconvenience caused
Bitcoin miners Launches Blockchain Network and Crypto Token LINE
orphan child would be doing an Initial coin offering (ico) and will be issuing its own token which will provide a variety of benefits to Orphans and serve as a medium of exchange on the platform. People can give on their terms through their smartphone, parent and orphan and track their giving all the way to the movement it's received.
the orphan child platform is an entirely new way of parenting that fixes these issues using a public ledger, smart contracts and unique digital identities (UDID) to provide givers with the Proof of DESIDERATUM and Proof of Influence required to re-establish connection to orphanages.
Pre-sale purchasers will receive an 80% discount when we do a public sale. I wanted to see if you'd be interested in that pre-sale. All members are advised to visit the site and register so as to be able to purchase ORP token once launched.